Your Startup Needs the Help of a Top Corporate and Intellectual Property  Lawyer

From YouTubers to online gamers, social media sites to online marketers, mobile app developers to sweepstakes sponsors, today’s startups require innovative and deep legal expertise in tech, mobile, internet and intellectual property laws and regulations. Such knowledge does not come easy. Innovations which first came out of silicon valley and started spreading around the country, depended on legal innovation for the past 20 years.

Contact me and see what a difference 20 years of legal expertise coming out of silicon valley can bring to your startup. With a law degree from Stanford Law School and experience working with worldwide technology clients, I provide you with the kind of expertise and knowledge not typically available in local markets.

The hurdles faced by entrepreneurs bringing to life technology heavy startups cannot be overcome by traditional corporate and intellectual property lawyers trained to service larger, traditional and non-innovative companies. Innovative startups need innovative legal solutions. With the know-how and expertise to direct, counsel and support tomorrow's technologies and business strategies, I provide my startup and technology clients with the tools and knowledge needed to build strong and secure business and legal strategies.

Reach out to me and see what a difference expertise and experience make.

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