Can a Kid Enter This Giveaway (How To Do GIVEAWAYS, Part 5)

You decided to do a giveaway on your youtube channel … But then you started to wonder … can I open this up to everyone, of all ages … or do I have to restrict entry to minors? Today we’re going to discuss some restriction you have to place and some restrictions you may want […]

How To Do GIVEAWAYS, Part 4: How to Enter (YouTuber Law #54)

Today we’re going to discuss how viewers or entrants into your giveaway on YouTube will submit an entry that you will then use to pick the winner? We’ll discuss how traditional giveaways, outside of YouTube, are managed? What’s the legal advantage such giveaways over YouTube-style giveaways? And what is the risk inherent in running giveaways based […]

How To Do GIVEAWAYS, Part 3: Can’t Give That Prize! (YouTuber Law #53)

Today we’re going to discuss whether the prize you plan to giveaway on your YouTube channel is legally permitted. As always, lets start with what YouTube says … and surprise, surprise, YouTube says nothing except that you must adhere to all laws. GUNS: Some states strictly forbid using firearms and ammunitions as prizes. Some restrict […]

Can I Run an International Giveaway on YouTube? (YouTuber Law #52)

Today we’re going to discuss whether your planned international giveaway or sweepstakes on YouTube are legal. In most cases, unless you’ve hired multiple attorneys across the world, the answer will be no. Your international giveaway will not be legal. At least across most countries around the world.  I know. You’ve seen many YouTubers open their giveaways to […]

Is Your YouTube Giveaway (or sweepstakes) Legal? (YouTuber Law #51)

Today we’re going to discuss whether you planned giveaway on YouTube is legal. The question of legality is based on three sources of rules and laws. (1) YouTube’s own guidelines, (2) State, federal and international lottery and gambling laws and (3) state advertising laws. Why is this even an issue? After all, all you want […]

Demand a Trial Period with Any MCN (YouTuber Law #50)

Today we’re going to discuss how to negotiate a trial period with any MCN (multi-channel network), brand managers, digital advertisers or influencer marketing companies. Why can I speak about all of these companies in a single post? It’s because, most often, these are either all-different names for the same type of company or because the […]

Photographing and Filming Art in Public Places (YouTuber Law #48)

As photographers, videographers and YouTubers walk around town, snapping pictures and videos of surrounding parks, marketplaces, streets and gatherings … little thought is given to sculptures, paintings, displays and other works of art placed in plain sight. How many of us think twice about the copyright limitations of art placed in public? How many wonder […]