Are YouTubers bound by FTC guidelines on Endorsements? (YouTuber Law #47)

Many articles were written over the past six months claiming that YouTubers and online Influencers violated the law by failing to disclose paid reviews. Many inserted the names of famous YouTubers, like PewDiePie, into the titles of their articles and tags in order to drive clicks. The reality is that these articles often did little […]

The Legal Side of Setting up an Amazon FBA Business (YouTuber Law #46)

Synopsis: This article cover the ideal legal process of setting up and organizing an FBA business such that your liability is limited and contained and does not risk your YouTuber brand. The article encourages YouTubers to form an FBA company as a limited liability company (LLC). The FBA LLC will be setup as a wholly owned […]

Using Music in YouTube Videos under Royalty Free License (YouTuber Law #45)

I’ve been watching some of my favorite YouTubers only to question their usage of music. How are they getting rights to use professionally produced and performed music? Are the YouTubers performing compositions that are in the public domain. Are they licensing music under commercial licenses? Are they utilizing royalty free music? So, I’ve been researching […]

Tell me about your plans for your YouTuber company (YouTuber Law #43)

Come on in, take a sit and tell me how I can help you. It’s the start of the year. A perfect time for us to develop a strategic legal plan for your YouTuber Company. Let’s forget the things we thought we’ll do in 2016. Let’s make sure that  12 months from today, when we […]

Are You Liable for Repeating a Rumor on YouTube (YouTuber Law #28)

We all know that YouTube can sometime get a little nasty. Its often a little just too easy to repeat lies and hurtful things you’ve heard elsewhere. In a previous video, I discussed the legal tools YouTubers can use to fight against defamatory statements made online. Defamatory statements are an untrue statements about you which […]