Advertising Lawyer: With expertise in advertising law, we can help you with all your mobile and online advertising needs. We can help you negotiate (1) affiliate marketing agreements, (2) PPC and PPA agreements, (3) advertising representation and broker agreements, (4) advertising licensing agreements, (5) advertising research agreements, (6) mobile channel agreements, (7) online distribution agreements, (8) banner advertisement and html link agreements, as well as (9) online and offline fulfillment agreements.


Mobile Apps Lawyer: With expertise in mobile law, we can help you develop and protect your mobile applications including iPhone and Android. We will negotiate mobile app development contracts, provide you with non-disclosure agreements (NDA), assure your rights to all applications and code (both current and future), protect you against potential liability and draft legal mobile terms of service (or terms and conditions).


Sweepstakes Lawyer: With expertise in sweepstakes law, we can help you setup successful online promotions, including (1) random draw sweepstakes, (2) automatic entry sweepstakes, (3) qualified entry sweepstakes, (4) instant win sweepstakes, (5) preselected sweepstakes, (6) promotional quiz sweepstakes, (7) second chance drawings, (8) tell-a-friend sweepstakes, (9) trivia games and (10) treasure hunt.



Contest Lawyer: With expertise in contest law, we can bring your online contests into legal compliance, including (1) essay contests, (2) photography contests, (3) art contests, (4) games contests, (5) programming contests, (6) video contests, (7) talent contests and (8) singing or music contests. Contact us when struggling to write legally compliant contest rules.


Trademark Lawyer: With expertise in trademark law, we can help you protect your trademarks. We'll run professional searches to make sure you don't waste time and money on trademarks that can not be protected. We'll file your trademarks. We'll negotiate with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to gain your desired protection and respond to any negative office response letters. We'll confront anyone wrongfully taking advantage of your trademarks whether through cyber squatters or misuse of Google AdWords.


Software Lawyer: With expertise in software law, we can help you with all you software development needs. We can help you negotiate (1) software licensing agreements, (2) software development agreements, (3) intellectual property rights and (4) software and code purchase agreements.


Email Law Lawyer: With expertise in sweepstakes law, we can help you setup successful online promotions, including With expertise in email law, we can help you design legally compliant lead generation marketing projects. We can help you setup legal email spam programs. Yes, spam is legal if done correctly. Can you crawl the web for email addresses? Are you liable for lead generation tools you sell to others. Our email law experts can help.


Online Game Lawyer: With expertise in game law, we can help you set up legal online and mobile games, including (1) negotiating licensing rights, (2) protecting you assets in the online games, (3) running game contests and (4) drafting a EULA for you mobile app.