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Licensing Your Million Dollar Ideas

Assure the most value for your
Software, Mobile Apps, Websites and other Digital Products

You've spent your days working on great software code. You've labored on a great song, video or digital composition. You've spent money on building a great prototype. You've been paying a website developer hard earn cash to build your website business idea. But how do you make money? How do you make sure to receive consistent, reliable and assured monthly income from your million dollar idea? You license it.

What is a Licensing Agreement?

Using a Licensing Agreement, you (the inventor or Licensee) grant another (the manufacturer or Licensor) the right to use your intellectual property for a specified term, within a geographical territory in exchange for value (your revenue or royalties). There are endless provisions in a licensing agreement designed to best protect your million dollar idea while maximizing potential revenues.

Protect your investment. Speak with a Professional

Ultimately, our job as your licensing attorneys is to protect your intellectual property. What is intellectual property? According to WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization), "Intellectual Property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designed used in commerce." Basically anything your mind can conceive of is considered intellectual property.

Not every creation of the mind can be easily protected through patents, copyrights or trademarks, but through a properly drafted licensing agreement, you can assure that your "creation of the mind" (your intellectual property) can generate income. How's that?

Licensing Software

Many of our clients develop software. From downloadable programs to cloud based software. From iPhone mobile applications to website-based applets, many clients invest time, energy and money in developing new ideas and improvements to current processes. When they come to us the question is always: How do we protect our work while maximizing revenue potential? Aside from filing for a copyright or trademark protection, the required next step is negotiating a properly drafted license agreement.

We've helped some of our clients negotiate the following types of Software Licensing Agreements:

  • End User Licensing Agreement (EULAs) for iPhone Apps
  • EULAs for Desktop and cloud-based Software
  • White Label Licensing Agreements for software
  • Licensing Agreement for geographical distributions

Licensing Media

We've worked with several media companies including producers and distributors of music, video, presentations and competitions. Our clients have produced media for the internet, live production and television. Different media platforms require different approaches, but they all start with a strong licensing agreement.

We've helped some of our clients negotiate the following Media, Video and Music Licensing Agreements:

  • Music Distribution Agreements
  • Talent Competitions Agreements
  • Media Production Websites
  • Royalty Agreements

Licensing Website Businesses

We've worked with several clients whose primary business model has been the licensing of their core business to others. For many this is an optimal strategy. Clients often spend inordinate amount of time, effort and money on building strong platforms. From e-commerce to electronic payments. From dating sites to social networks. Our clients often find value in licensing their business model under a white label agreement.

We've helped some of our clients negotiate the following website business licensing agreements:

  • Dating site and social network white label agreements
  • Affiliate agreements
  • Commercial software licensing agreements