From YouTubers to online gamers, social media sites to online marketers, mobile app developers to sweepstakes sponsors, today’s startup needs innovative and deep legal expertise in tech, mobile, internet and intellectual property laws and regulations.

Everyday I come to work excited about speaking with the next startup CEO, the next YouTube star, the next mind-blowing Developer and the next courageous Engineer.
— lior leser

Contact me and see what a difference 20 years of legal expertise coming out of silicon valley can bring to your ideas. With a law degree from Stanford Law School and experience working with worldwide technology clients, I can provide you with the kind of expertise and knowledge not typically available in local markets.

I know ... for many entrepreneurs and innovators the idea of speaking with an attorney can be daunting. Will he understand me? Can I afford an attorney? Does he charge for every second? Does he have the experience to help me? I know. I've worked with hundreds of startups. Give me call. I will not charge you a dime to speak with you and I promise that you will leave the call a great deal more knowledgeable of what you need to do then when you started.

You can click the link want to talk to schedule an conference call at a convenient day and time. You will have an opportunity to share with me your story. Don't worry, I'm bound by attorney-client privilege to keep your information confidential. I will make whatever suggestions and recommendations I can to help you on your way. With years of working with amazing entrepreneurs and startups, I have a lot of advice to offer. And ... if I can help you, I will give you a precise quote for any legal services.

So give me a call. Try me out. See If I can help you protect your idea, build your company, defend your creativity and support your innovation. 



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