Everyday I come to work excited about speaking with the next startup CEO, the next YouTube star, the next mind-blowing Developer and the next courageous Engineer.

From YouTubers to online gamers, social media sites to online marketers, mobile app developers to sweepstakes sponsors, today’s startups like to do it on their own. When you feel confident that you can take care of things on your own but just need some legal advice and direction from an attorney with over 20 years of experience in serving the startup, tech, , social media and influencer markets … reach out.


Lior Leser, Esq.

A legal expert with 20 years in startup tech, social media innovation, marketing compliance and influencer businesses

Give me an hour and I’ll give you the direction you need to move forward

need advice now?

When you just need some legal advice to help you move forward and take care of do work yourself. Save your money for product and marketing. Give me an hour … I’ll give you the legal directions to take your project to the next level.

Fight False Flags

When you just need a legal strategy to fight back against false community guideline strike, check out this e-course. Here I outline to you the exact steps I take with my influencer clients when they face strikes.

What can an hour give me?

Contact me and see what a difference 20 years of legal expertise coming out of silicon valley can bring to your ideas. With a law degree from Stanford Law School and experience working with worldwide technology clients, I can provide you with unmatched expertise and knowledge.

I know ... for many entrepreneurs and innovators the idea of speaking with an attorney can be daunting. Will he understand me? Can I afford an attorney? Does he charge for every second? Does he have the experience to help me? I know. I've worked with hundreds of startups. Give me call.

I know that so startups don’t want to spend their limited capital on legal fees. So many of you just want some direction. You can take care of the rest yourself with online forms and e-courses. That’s fine. Give me an hour of your time and I’ll give you the direction and knowledge you need to properly deploy those available online resources effectively.

You can click the link want to talk to schedule a conference call at a convenient day and time. You will have an opportunity to share with me your story. Don't worry, I'm bound by attorney-client privilege to keep your information confidential. I will make whatever suggestions and recommendations I can to help you on your way. With years of working with amazing entrepreneurs and startups, I have a lot of advice to offer.


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