my story

I've always been interested in international business and technology. Growing up, my mom worked at a large international convention business. She helped organize and manage many medical, tech and scientific conventions. I remember sneaking into many of the lectures trying to understand how they were able to get the lunar modules up into space and how they could peer into the human body.

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— lior leser

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It was then no surprise that in college I was drawn to the adventure and wonder I saw in international businesses. I knew I had to go abroad. So I signed up and studied in London and later, during graduate school, in Tokyo. What started out in college and graduate school with a fascination with international finance grew into an obsession with international technology and science in law school. 

I knew there was only one law school I wanted to go to. Stanford Law School. This was the heart of silicon valley. Surrounded by tech entrepreneurs and exchanging ideas with thought leaders. That's where I needed to be. On my first day in Palo Alto, I remember walking into a computer lab and seeing the early browser Mosaic. A whole new world opened up for me. I spent hours , days, years exploring the impossible. 

My time at Stanford Law School was magical. Coming out of law school, I knew that I had to work helping entrepreneurs in this new industry. And everything else just grew out of this one idea. I started with a single client in the burgeoning industry for downloadable applications for cell phones and grew it into a practice focused on online, software, technology and intellectual property clients. 

Some professionals are happy if they find a moment of excitement during the week. I find it every day. I get to speak with YouTubers on the cusp of a new media explosion. I get to speak with mobile app developers who are pushing the envelope of what is thought to be possible. I get to speak with website developers who are creating communities that never before existed.

What started out as a boy sneaking into lecture halls at a convention of tech titans, lead to daily conversations with the most incredible entrepreneurs who are changing the world all around me. 

So thank you each and and every one of you. From the developers to the entrepreneurs. From the visionaries to the engineers. From the angel investors to the venture capitalists.  You made this journey so magical. And to anyone who still has any questions? Who wonders if I can help? Or just seeks some guidance, feel free to check out my resume or better yet give me call (888.700.2993), send me an email ( or setup an appointment (Choose a Day).