An Online and Mobile Advertising Lawyer works with a variety of Internet, software and mobile companies, including Internet and Mobile Advertisers, Publishers and Agencies in the following areas:

  • Negotiating Advertisement Agreements;
  • Providing Ad Copy Clearance Services; and
  • Building Strategies to Control Advertisement Law Liability.


As part of enacting an online compliance strategy, online and mobile business plans must be measured against prevalent online advertising laws and regulations. Online and mobile advertising is an incredibly litigious area of the law. Lawmakers have attempted to modify traditional advertising laws to meet the challenges of the online and mobile worlds. This resulted in a very confusing marketplace and an increasingly litigious business environment.

  • What words are online companies allowed to use in lead generation?
  • What SMS messages may be sent advertising products or services?
  • Must mobile advertising campaign allow for single or double opt-in?
  • What safeguards must be in place before signing up customers to a subscription model?
  • What terms of service must customers review prior to checking out in an online storefront?

The questions are numerous. The only way to secure your products online and mobile potential is through an advertising compliance strategy. Contact our Online advertising attorney.



To grow their online and mobile reach, today’s web 2.0 companies rely heavily on a variety advertising models. To support that growth, our online and mobile advertising lawyer provides depth and expertise in drafting, negotiating and measuring the compliance of a variety of advertising and marketing relationships. Whether developing an affiliate strategy, negotiating with advertisers and publishers, developing a digital entertainment distribution strategy or drafting a CPA, CPM or CPC model, our Internet advertising attorney can help.

  • Negotiating an advertising agreement with an online publisher?
  • Drafting an SMS and MMS advertising agreement?
  • Reviewing a letter of intent for a co-registration path agreement?

Call us. Our online and mobile advertising lawyer has negotiated and drafted many online advertisement agreements for successful advertising and publishing businesses. Don't go it alone. You know your web 2.0 business better than anyone. You probably understand every provision presented in a proposed internet or mobile advertising agreement. It is the details, however, in any online ad agreement that differentiate success from failure. Having an online advertising lawyer review your agreement is like buying low cost insurance.

Our internet and mobile advertising lawyer has worked on most web 2.0 and mobile advertising agreements including.

  • Advertising Insertion Orders
  • Mobile Ad Agreements
  • Ad Server Agreements
  • Publisher Agreements
  • Lead Generation Agreements
  • Affiliate Agreements
  • Co-Registration Path Agreements
  • CPA, CPM and CPC Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements (Digital Rights)
  • White Label Agreements
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Agreements
  • Broker Agreements

Drafting successful advertising agreements require a thorough understanding of how mobile and online advertising business relationships develop. Contact an online advertising attorney that understands web 2.0 advertising relationships.


You've got a product to sell. You have a lead generation campaign ready. You know what you need to do to get eyeballs on your site. But...

  • Can you say what you need to sell?
  • Can you make the claim you need to make?
  • Can you guaranty the results?
  • Can you offer FREE trial offers?

Call . Our online and mobile advertising lawyer can walk you though our advertisement clearance services. Let our Internet advertising lawyer review your online advertisements for FTC compliance.

Online and Mobile Advertising laws, as enacted and supported are designed to protect consumers. Our online advertisement lawyers can help walk you through the legal requirements. Our mobile advertisement lawyer can help substantiate your claims for truthful advertisements. All businesses must comply with advertising and marketing laws, and failure to do so could result in costly lawsuits and civil penalties. So before you start an advertising campaign, contact our Online Advertising Lawyer