Our Email Lawyers can help you formulate legally compliant strategies for your ...

  • Direct Marketing
  • Lead Generation Plans
  • Landing Pages
  • Web Scraping
  • eMail Harvesting
  • Spam compliance (CAN-SPAM)
  • List Brokerage and Selling
  • Affiliate Agreements

Before Implementing an Email Distribution or Direct Marketing Plan, Verify your Compliance under Email Law.

Many companies found out too late that its just too easy to get caught up in violating current email laws. Between current federal and state email laws, its easy to trip up unintentionally. Call our email lawyer for a review of your email marketing plans.

Even laws that have been on the books for many years can trip up the most experienced lead generation companies. CAN-SPAM, for example, has been around for several years. Many assume that they understand how to comply with the basic CAN-SPAM regulations. With new direct marketing ideas and innovative lead generation plans. compliance with CAN-SPAM is just not that straight forward.

  • Does CAN-SPAM regulate the online collection of information?
  • Can I collect freely available information from online social media sites?
  • Can I resell personal information I collected from other websites?
  • Can I use false social media profiles to collect personal information from "friends"?
  • If I sell email information I collected, am I liable under CAN-SPAM for how it is used by my client?
  • If I buy email information from a data broker, am I liable for how the information was collected?
  • Am I liable under CAN-SPAM for collecting information using scrapping techniques from websites and search engines?

If you are implementing a new lead generation or direct marketing plan, call our email lawyer. We can walk you through the local, state, federal and international emails laws and regulations to assure your compliance.