Internet law is not a traditional legal field. It does not encompass a single set of legal principle or a single set of laws. It is the cumulative sum of every legal discipline and skill that is needed to counsel, support and defend online and mobile companies. Online and mobile companies live and fight in a unique marketplace. The language is different. The challenges are different. Their perspective on the future is different. Technologies and ideas in cyberspace move at a differ pace than they do in other markets. Internet law is the field that brings together the traditional legal disciplines in a way that support these unique online and mobile markets. These include:

• intellectual property law (trademark, copyright and patent law)
• corporate law
• advertising law
• privacy law
• Entertainment and media law
• International law
• Software law



An Internet lawyer has the background and training needed to understand and deliver the specialized services internet companies require. An Internet attorney brings together up to date knowledge of current internet, mobile and software technologies with evolving legal principles. An experienced Internet lawyer can help you determine which if any laws govern your online, mobile or software company.

• An Internet lawyer can help make sure that the software or App you developed is legally compliant, is legally binding on users/buyers, is protected from intellectual property infringement and can be legally marketed through online or mobile channels.
• An Internet Lawyer can make sure that your promotional marketing projects (including online sweepstakes and Internet contests) are legally compliant when promoting movies, videos, music or social networks.
• An Internet Lawyer can make sure that you website has the latest and strongest Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.
• An Internet Lawyer can make sure that your online direct marketing campaigns do not infringe federal or state spam laws.
• An Internet Lawyer can help you determine whether or not you need to register your domain name or digital products as trademarks or copyrights.
• An Internet Lawyer can help you register you electronic transaction company as a money transmitter.
• Any other questions? Contact our Internet Lawyer


Not sure how to choose the best Internet Attorney or the one that is right for your online company? Speak with Lior Leser. Mr. Leser's legal career as an Internet Lawyer started in Silicon Valley at Stanford Law School during the Internet's early (v 1.0) days. At that time, no one was known as an Internet Lawyer. Everyone assumed that Internet Law was just another twist on plain corporate law. To Lior Leser, however, it was clear right from the start that to empower Internet companies, you need to avoid the one-size fits all model of legal services. There was a need for Internet Lawyers 15 years ago. There is a need for a specialized Internet Lawyer today.

The issues, challenges and opportunities handled by successful Internet Lawyers in the web 2.0 sphere, are as unique as the business models employed by their entrepreneurial clients. Quality Internet lawyers are judged by their ability to adapt to the unique opportunities presented by web 2.0 companies.

Before choosing any Internet Lawyer, speaking with him. Make sure that you Internet Lawyer understands your particular industry, your corporate aim and you corporate challenges.