What You Need to Do Before Publishing Your App

Before rushing out and hiring a developer or publisher for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone App take a little time to protect your ability, now and in the future, to reap the financial rewards from a successful mobile App. Too many App developers forget to protect themselves and their Apps.


So you want to develop and publish your own mobile App. You have an idea in mind, but think it would be best to hire an iPhone Apps development firm to turn your idea into a reality. Other App developers have used this firm and you are comfortable with their approach. What's the risk?

  • Do you know who will own the App when its completed?
  • Do you know who will own the creatives once applied to the App?
  • Can the development firm claim any intellectual property rights in your iPhone or Android App?

Did you know that absent a written agreement, a development firm may be allowed to develop a competing application? Did you know that absent a written agreement the development firm may be allowed to use some of the capabilities you designed in competitors' Apps?


Your iPhone or Android App is ready. You can't wait to submit it to the App Store. Wait a minute.

  • Is the name of your Mobile App protected against competitors who may use name that sound like yours?
  • Is the unique look of your Mobile App's icon protected from competitors?
  • Is your Mobile Apps code protected from late comers?
  • Can consumers confuse other's Mobile Apps for yours?

In the Mobile App business you can be sure of one thing. Your success will encourage others. Your approach, your setup and your design will be copied by the less creative. Make sure that your Mobile App is protected.