SHOW NOTES: Case UPDATES: Crytek vs CIG; Maddox vs Dick; Faze Banks &Alissa Violet; PragerU vs Google; Pepe the Frog

In the Maddox vs Dick Masterson Lawsuit, Maddox's attorney has filed a motion for sanctions against the attorneys for kokkinos and weber shandwick for daring to call him out on his lies. 

In the Crytek vs CIG lawsuit, CIG asks the court for protective order against Crytek's demands for discovery

In the Faze Banks and Alissa Violet lawsuit, the court reveal the private settlement agreement under which it investigated Faze Banks for contempt

In the Pepe the Frog lawsuit, Matt Furie agrees to dismiss his claim against Jessica Logsdon, a political artist. 

In the PragerU vs Google lawsuit, the parties re considering some form of alternative dispute media resolution. 

SHOW NOTES: The Court Flubbed It: Fox News vs. TVEyes. Why it's So Important and Why they Got It So Wrong

This is an important case. Fox News sued TVEyes, the provider of a unique and transformative technology for copyright infringement. TVEyes defended itself based on fair use. Yet the Court of Appeals found in favor of Fox and against TVEyes and fair use. Let's review this important case and see why the court got it so wrong.

Show Notes: TWiT vs Twitter: Leo Laporte and Evan Williams Spar Over Gentlemen's Agreement

Leo Laporte and TWIT are suing Twitter for breach of a contract. It seems that TWIT, the audio and video podcast success story, was the first to go to market with the brand TWiT. And when Evan Williams and his cofounder started Twitter, there was some concern over trademark infringement and consumer confusion. While a guest on Leo Laporte's net@night podcast, the two reached a gentlemen's agreement to stay out of each others' business. Now it seems that this agreement was breached, as Twitter moves full steam into the video streaming world. Let's check out this lawsuit of TWiT vs Twitter. 

Show Notes: Not a Perfect 10? Why Sharing Links to Twitter Posts May Be Copyright Infringement

For the past 11 years the internet has exploded as we all learned to rely on the famous Perfect 10 case that found that links to other websites (even copyright infringing sites), is not illegal. Relying on the Sever Test, we've all learned that we can link to material but not download and share them. Now things may be changing. Challenging the Perfect 10 case out of the 9th circuit, Goldman vs Breitbart (in the second circuit) says that embedded links might be copyright infringement. This can have a monumental impact ion the internet. 

Show Notes: UPDATES: Crytek vs CIG, Akilah vs. Sargon, PragerU vs Google, Maddox vs. Dick & ZombieGoBoom

Show Notes: Phantoml0rd vs Twitch: Banned Streamer, James Varga, Sues over Account Suspension

Back in 2016, a hugely popular twitch streamer, James Varga aka Phantoml0rd, was suspended by twitch for streaming gambling related content on his channel. Today, Phantomlord strikes back. James Varga sued Twitch for the suspension that has yet to be lifted claiming that the termination of his Phantoml0rd account was a breach of contract based on the agreement he signed with the streaming platform. Its a case of revenue sharing contract vs community guidelines. 

Show Notes: YouTuber Union. Can We Impact Change at Google by Uniting?

A few days ago one of the viewers of the channel pointed me to the video by JoergSprave about the formation of a YouTube Content Creator Union. 

More of a platform to unite YouTubers toward a stronger negotiating position then a true union, this move intrigues me. Since that day, I've received several messages and comments from you asking about my position. So let's talk about it. Is there a room for a YouTuber Union? Can we negotiate with Google by presenting a united front?

SHOW NOTES: Sargon, Akhila & Cosby? How Can NY Court Drag UK Resident to a US Court for Copyright Infringement

For weeks, many of you have asked me the question of how can a NY court can have jurisdiction over Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akaad, a resident of the UK. In the copyright infringement lawsuit by Akilah Hughes, if Sargon copied the video in the UK, edited the video in the UK, uploaded it in the UK to a UK server ... where does personal jurisdiction exist of him? A recent case in California may shed some light on it. In this copyright infringement lawsuit, a company managing the copyright of the Cosby Show sued a UK company that produced a docu on the fall of an American icon, Bill Cosby. Here the court found that the US court did not have personal jurisdiction over the UK company. Hoe doers this apply to the Akilah Highes vs Carl Benjamin lawsuit? 

SHOW NOTES: Satoshi Nakamoto Sued: The Dark Side Behind the Creation of Bitcoin, Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman

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Craig Wright, the man claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, is sued by the estate of a former partner and collaborator Dave Kleiman. In the lawsuit we get a glimpse into the dark side of of the formation of bitcoin. The lawsuit claims that Craig Wright, aka Satoshi Nakamoto, defrauded the estate of Dave Kleiman by transferring all bitcoins owned by Dave into Craig's own wallet. Somewhere around 1,000,000 bitcoins. Today we review the case of Ira Kleiman, as personal representative of the estate of Dave Kleiman vs. Craig Wright. 

SHOW NOTES: Star Citizen Update 5.0: CIG to Crytek "What Are You Talking About, Willis?

Show notes from video upload March 2, 2018.

Rule 26(f) Report

Crytek Complaint

CIG Responds: Motion to Dismiss 

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After Crytek filed its complaint and CIG and RSI moves to Dismiss, the parties in the Star Citizen/Squadron 42 lawsuit went into a Rule 26(f) Conference. A relatively mundane and boring process where attorneys for both Crytek and Cloud Imperium agree to basic procedures like: How information should be exchanged and what schedule we should agree to. Of course when it comes to Star Citizen nothing is simple and drama free. Coming out of the rule 26f conference Crytek, RSI and CGI issued a joint report that showed how far apart they were on Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Today we'll review the report.

SHOW NOTES: Damore vs Google update: Where the NLRB Ruling Went Wrong

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Last week I published a video update on the James Damore vs Google Employment Discrimination lawsuit. The video discussed the complaint James Damore filed with the National Labor Review Board (NLRB). In that complaint, Damore charged that Google prevented him from associating with fellow Googlers in advancing, what he argued, were legitimate employment based goals. The NLRB Board ruled in favor of Google and many of you voiced your disapproval. In this video, we discussed this plus anything else that you wanted to talk about.

SHOW NOTES: Prager vs YouTube Update 5.0: Google Responds to PragerU Opposition to Motion to Dismiss.

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Just as we received PragerU's Opposition to Google's Motion to Dismiss, we now have Google Memorandum in Support of its Motion to Dismiss. This document is all about what Google thinks is flawed in PragerU argument. Let's go through Google's response and compare it to PragerU own opposition. 

EXCLUSIVE: Faze Banks, Alissa Violet and Barley House Confidential Settlement Agreement Revealed

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After professor Eugene Banks interfered with the lawsuit and asked the court to release the confidentiality agreement signed by Faze Banks, Alissa Violet and the Barley House, the court ruled. They found that the Confidential Settlement Agreement lost its confidentiality and must now be released.  ... and now we can see the agreement. Why was it confidential? Why was it hidden? 

How to Avoid the Type of Co-Founder Dispute We Saw Between YouTuber Criken and a Contributor to his ICU Game.

How to Avoid the Type of Co-Founder Dispute We Saw Between YouTuber Criken and a Contributor to his ICU Game.

I was reading an article about a dispute that took place in 2016 between a popular YouTuber, Criken, and a co-developer of his ICU game. This dispute resulted in a lawsuit against the YouTuber. It has since been resolved, but it raised some issues that I thought are very important for content creators and collaborators in software and other tech projects

Looking for a FREE set of Official Rules for Your Giveaway on YouTube? How To Do GIVEAWAYS?

I've mentioned in several posts and in videos on my YouTube channel ( the legal requirement to provide and present your YouTube viewers with Official Rules every time you promote your giveaway and before anyone enters a giveaway on your YouTube Channel. In this post (and accompanying video) we’re going to cover a few things related to drafting a legally compliant set of official rules for your YouTube sweepstakes (the legal term for giveaway). And I also promised you a FREE set of YouTube Giveaway Official Rules. I'll provide those as well

What are the Age Restrictions for Sweepstakes? Can Kid Enter a Giveaway? How To Do GIVEAWAYS?

This article discusses some restrictions you have to place and some restrictions you may want to place on entries by minors into your YouTube sweepstakes, giveaway and contest. This is going to be divided into two parts. The first part will discuss entry to minors under the age of 13. In that section I will explain to you why you cannot allow anyone under the age of 13 to enter. Forget about whether or not those under 13 may actually win. You cannot allow them to even just enter your giveaway.

How Do Viewers Submit Entries into a YouTube Giveaway or Sweepstakes? What Form of Giveaway Entry is Lawful?

Today we’re going to discuss how viewers or entrants into your YouTube giveaway or sweepstakes will submit an entry that you will then use to pick the winner? We’ll discuss how traditional sweepstakes, outside of YouTube, are managed? What’s the legal advantage such non-YouTube sweepstakes have over YouTube-style giveaways? And what is the risk inherent in running giveaways based on comments, likes and subscribers?