SHOW NOTES: Case UPDATES: Crytek vs CIG; Maddox vs Dick; Faze Banks &Alissa Violet; PragerU vs Google; Pepe the Frog

In the Maddox vs Dick Masterson Lawsuit, Maddox's attorney has filed a motion for sanctions against the attorneys for kokkinos and weber shandwick for daring to call him out on his lies. 

In the Crytek vs CIG lawsuit, CIG asks the court for protective order against Crytek's demands for discovery

In the Faze Banks and Alissa Violet lawsuit, the court reveal the private settlement agreement under which it investigated Faze Banks for contempt

In the Pepe the Frog lawsuit, Matt Furie agrees to dismiss his claim against Jessica Logsdon, a political artist. 

In the PragerU vs Google lawsuit, the parties re considering some form of alternative dispute media resolution.