SHOW NOTES: Star Citizen Update 5.0: CIG to Crytek "What Are You Talking About, Willis?

Show notes from video upload March 2, 2018.

Rule 26(f) Report

Crytek Complaint

CIG Responds: Motion to Dismiss 

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After Crytek filed its complaint and CIG and RSI moves to Dismiss, the parties in the Star Citizen/Squadron 42 lawsuit went into a Rule 26(f) Conference. A relatively mundane and boring process where attorneys for both Crytek and Cloud Imperium agree to basic procedures like: How information should be exchanged and what schedule we should agree to. Of course when it comes to Star Citizen nothing is simple and drama free. Coming out of the rule 26f conference Crytek, RSI and CGI issued a joint report that showed how far apart they were on Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Today we'll review the report.