SHOW NOTES: Sargon, Akhila & Cosby? How Can NY Court Drag UK Resident to a US Court for Copyright Infringement

For weeks, many of you have asked me the question of how can a NY court can have jurisdiction over Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akaad, a resident of the UK. In the copyright infringement lawsuit by Akilah Hughes, if Sargon copied the video in the UK, edited the video in the UK, uploaded it in the UK to a UK server ... where does personal jurisdiction exist of him? A recent case in California may shed some light on it. In this copyright infringement lawsuit, a company managing the copyright of the Cosby Show sued a UK company that produced a docu on the fall of an American icon, Bill Cosby. Here the court found that the US court did not have personal jurisdiction over the UK company. Hoe doers this apply to the Akilah Highes vs Carl Benjamin lawsuit?