SHOW NOTES: PUBG VS. Rules of Survival & Knives Out. The Clone War. PUBG sues NetEase


PUBG vs. NetEase (Complaint)

It’s hard to argue that PUBG has had an enormous impact on gaming since early last year. PUBG been enormously successful in the marketplace. Was PUBG wholly original. Of course not. PUBG took elements developed, improved and perfected by other games over many years and in combination with great game mechanics and rules developed something that to us is unique. Until competitors jumped in. Rules of Survival and Knives Out are two such games, developed by NetEase for mobile platforms, that some see as either inspired by PUBG or clones of PUBG. 
PUBG just filed a lawsuit against NetEase, the developer of Rule of Survival and Knives Out for having cloned PUBG for the mobile platforms. Today we’ll take a look at the PUBG lawsuit. Does it have any merits?


Lior Leser, Esq.
Technology, Internet and Software Law