SHOW NOTES: How Wolf of Wall Street Gave Facebook Twitter and YouTube Immunity from Discriminatory Decisions

Show Notes: 

The Wolf of Wall Street - 'The Key To Making Money' Scene

The Wolf of Wall Street- Trust

Social Media Execs Testify on Terror Recruitment

Facebook, Twitter and Google’s Senate testimony, in three minutes

CompuServe - First Internet Commercial - October of 1989

Family Guy on Compuserve

Prodigy commercial (version 1) - 1990

In January when the Senate questioned representatives of Twitter, facebook and YouTube, Senator Ted Cruz asked if the social media platforms consider themselves to be neutral public forums. Again in April, when Mark Zuckerberg was called in front of the senate, Ted Cruz asked him if Facebook consider itself to be a neutral public forum. Why? What is the basis for these questions. According to Senator Ted Cruz, the immunity enjoyed by these social media platform for their policing, moderating and controlling user content under section 230 of the CDA is predicated on them being a neutral public forum? Is that true? Can Facebook, Twitter and YouTube lose immunity under Section 230 in the event their decisions are not politically neutral? 


Lior Leser, Esq.
Technology, Internet and Software Law