SHOW NOTES: Robotech RPG, a Kickstarter Failure and Palladium's Liability its Backers

In 2013 Palladium Books ran a successful kickstarter campaign for a tabletop miniatures game, Robotech RPG Tactics. Five years later, Palladium just announced that having failed to deliver the rewards promised to its kickstart backers, they will shut down the project, send any remaining game inventory to backers subject to them being willing to pay a high shipping fees for products they didn’t order and liquidate any remaining game-assets

After years of delays, excuses, promises and apologies, many backers of the project are left wondering what they can do. Are kickstarter backers mere donors with no expectations of a reward or are they financing the manufacture and pre-sale of products. ... and, what does the law say? Can Palladium just say sorry and move on? Is there any consequences for having failed to use the kickstarter funds raised to deliver the products promised? This is what we’ll talk about today.


Lior Leser, Esq.
Technology, Internet and Software Law