LIVE: Contacted to Provide an "UnBiased" and "Honest" Review of an Upcoming ICO

1. The End of ICOs 00:03:27
2. Can you explain S.L.A.P.P. lawsuits 00:27:50
3. Can Materials Discovered as part of a Hack Be Used Against You in Trial 00:33:33
4. Does Microsoft have the legal right to look at ur personal computer files thru their EULA? 00:34:34
5.  Do you think there is a risk that big companies that are heading toward bankruptcy will start using ICOs as "pump and dump" schemes to capitalize on the value on their brand? 00:39:13
6. RE: Microsoft ToS changes, they say the actions taken against you for the "offensive language" can result in forfeiture of your "Microsoft point” considering you paid for those points, is that legal? 00:42:45
7. I was wondering if you talked about the Sinclair Broadcasting Group fake news script. It was covered by phillip defranco and he mentioned contracts forcing them to go along with it.  00:47:26
8. Do you think Maddox has a case for ineffective counsel against his lawyer?  00:51:03
9. Law Why do different states have different laws? Why doesn't NY have valid Anti SLAPP laws?  00:57:48
10. We used to see the term ICO a lot - now we see more of SAFTs as a supposed workaround for the SEC. What is SAFT? Simply put?  1:01:17
11. Are you disappointed that in the end Maddox was Heather?  1:10:10
12. the keyphrase so far was that the SEC hasn't found a single Initial Coin Offering that doesn't implicate securities laws 1:10:56  

I was contacted by the marketing department of an upcoming ICO about reviewing their ICO. Is that even possible? Can anyone provide a honest legal review of an ICO? After all, ICOs are defined by their lack of regulatory compliance. In the post DAO report by the SEC saying that they have never seen an ICO they didn't consider a security that MUST be registered, how can any ICO be considered legal? Not unless they are registered with the SEC. Let's talk.

Lior Leser, Esq.
Technology, Internet and Software Law