Preserving Dead MMOs. The Fight to Save Online Games. The case of MADE vs ESA.

Show Notes:

Comments by MADE (Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment)

Comments by ESA (Electronic Software Association) Opposition

Section 12 Circumvention of copyright protection systems

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A battle is raging in Washington. Will the Registrar of Copyright expand the list of DMCA exemptions to include Online Games. The Library of Congress solicited opinions on whether online games should be exempted from copyright restrictions on bypassing technological access control mechanism in order to enable the preservation of historically significant online games. 

On the one side is M.A.D.E., the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment. On the other side is ESA, the Entertainment and Software Association. At issue is whether online games will be preserved for the benefit of future generations. Will researchers be able to play these games in their online format generations after no one care and these games are not supported. 

Lior Leser, Esq.
Technology, Internet and Software Law