NBA 2K Lawsuit: Video Game Sued for Being Too Realistic

NBA 2K Lawsuit: Video Game Developer, Take Two Interactive, Sued for Copyright Infringement Because their Game, NBA 2K16 is Just Too Realistic in the Way it Depicts the Tattoos on Each NBA Player. 


Take Two Complaint

Take Two Order on Motion to Dismiss

Take-Two Interactive is sued for producing an all too realistic version of their NBA 2K16 video game. Why? Because not only are players looking realistic but they also included each player's tattoo in the game. Why is that a problem? Can't NBA players license their images to video games like NBA 2K? It's because some contend that the tattoo are subject to copyright infringement owned not by the NBA players but by the tattoo artist who put it on the NBA player's skin. Does that make sense. Let's review the legal issue here. 


Lior Leser, Esq.
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