Looking for a FREE set of Official Rules for Your Giveaway on YouTube? How To Do GIVEAWAYS?

So we finally reached that point, where we need to speak directly about drafting Official Rules for your YouTube Giveaway. I've mentioned in several posts and in videos on my YouTube channel (www.youtuberlaw.com) the legal requirement to provide and present your YouTube viewers with Official Rules every time you promote your giveaway and before anyone enters a giveaway on your YouTube Channel. In this post (and accompanying video) we’re going to cover a few things related to drafting a legally compliant set of official rules for your YouTube sweepstakes (the legal term for giveaway). And I also promised you a FREE set of YouTube Giveaway Official Rules. I'll provide those as well (see link below).  

In today's post we'll discuss: (1) What the law requires of us when posting Official Rules; (2) I’ll give you a FREE copy of Official Rules I’ve written just for you. These Rules can be used on your channel and, when edited properly, be in compliance with the law and YouTube’s own guidelines; and (3) I'll explain a little bit about how these YouTube Giveaway Official Rules were written 

In the next post (and video), which should be available later this week, I’ll explain to you how to make revisions or edits to theseYouTube Giveaway Official Rules to make them fit your particular Giveaway.


What does the law require of us.

  1. The law requires that we present entrants into our YouTube giveaway with Official Rules with required details. That means we cant just say “do this” or “submit that”. We need to present a full set of written Giveaway Official Rules before the viewer ever enters or submits to a YouTube Giveaway.
  2. The Giveaway Official Rules must state who is the sponsor of the giveaway. If it's your own product, great … you’re the sponsor. If a company gave you the product (it's now yours) and you use it as a prize, you are still the sponsor; but if a company promises you the product, its likely that the company is the sponsor (not you).
  3. We must also state who is eligible to enter the YouTube Giveaway, including where they may live (like country and state).
  4. We must state who may be excluded.
  5. The Official Rules must state the start and end dates of the giveaway.
  6. The Official Rules must state the prize and include the retail value of that prize.
  7. Immediately after stating the prize, we must state the odds that any single entry will be chosen as the winner. Yes. we are required to state the odds.
  8. We must also state the exact way to enter the YouTube giveaway.
  9. We must state how a winner will be chosen; and 
  10. We must state the proper way to claim the prize .. in case you are the winner

That sure seems like a lot of requirements. Which brings us to Part 2. I promised you a copy of Official Rules for a YouTube Giveaway. You can get a copy of these Official Rules at OFFICIAL RULES

I just want to briefly explain to you what I did. I’ve written hundreds of Official Rules for every type of giveaway, sweepstakes and skill contest you can think of. The simplest, most basic giveaway, usually takes at least 3 pages of Official Rules to cover all legal issues. In this case, we are limited by size. Why? Most YouTubers are looking to run simple giveaway based on viewer interaction on their YouTube Channel. They’re not interested in driving viewers off their YouTube channel to look at official rules or submit to complicated giveaway entry process.

We’ve discussed in a prior post/video why this may not be the best approach from a legal compliance perspective. But … this is what we have to work with. That means that we’re limited to the 5,000 characters YouTube allows us to use in the description to any video.

So I had to cut down the giveaway official rules to their bare minimum. The rules are about 3,000 characters which allows you to post them to your description and still have some space for other details.

And last … these rules are specifically for a giveaway based on your viewers submitting comments. There are many variations that we can deal with by editing these giveaway rules, but these official rules were written specifically to handle entries based on comments.

Future posts/videos will deal with plugging information into these giveaway rules and editing them to suit your particular giveaway.

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