Everyday YouTubers are turning the media industry on its head, (i) producing content without large overheard, (ii) delivering content straight to viewers, (iii) recognizing and implementing media innovations on the fly and (iv) providing direct and immediate response to viewers. The traditional media industry cannot compete. They simply cannot move at the speed YouTubers can. 

That innovation, that speed, allows YouTuber to profit. With a click of a button, they are monetizing and turning hobbies into businesses.

I understand your concerns and challenges. I’m also a YouTuber.
— lior leser

My name is Lior Leser. I’m a tech lawyer and I represent YouTubers as they establish their brand and grow their business. I help my clients turn a hobby that generates dollars and cents into a business that supports lifestyles. For that to happen, you content must be turned into a brand. You must start by forming a separate YouTuber company and filing for trademark registration of your YouTube Channel name. Call me. See if I can help you.

To form, build, grow and protect your brand you'll need to establish multiple revenue streams, raise capital and secure intellectual property. I can help. I can review your MCN, online magazine, sponsorship and advertising contracts. I can help you establish complementary and ancillary businesses that profit from your growing YouTube brand. Together we can setup Amazon FBA companies, content creation companies, video promotion and SEO services and just about anything you can think of. 


A YouTuber company is a Brand company. Its all about protecting, growing and licensing your brand in such a way that preserves its long term value and earning ability. AdSense pays out pennies per view. The bulk of YouTube's successful influencers don't rely on AdSense to pay the bills. They build ancillary and complementary businesses the benefit from YouTube. But at all times they separate their YouTuber brand and protect it.

A YouTuber company is unique. It is not a typical tech startup or a development project. Its all about the brand. When you're ready to turn your YouTuber hobby into a YouTuber business, call me. I can walk you through the process of incorporating your YouTuber business, protecting your brand, as well as negotiating network, advertising and sponsorship agreements. 

I've done this. I've helped clients grow. I can help you too. My clients and I are doing some amazing things together. Why don't you give me a try too.