Looking for an attorney with expertise in software law including development, distribution and legal compliance? Contact our Software Lawyer.

Software Development & Distribution: Whether you are developing your own or negotiating to distribute someone else’s software or digital products, our software law experts can help. We developed unique expertise enabling the distribution and licensing of software and digital products.

From web crawlers to white label agreements, from electronic payment systems to ringtones, from casual games to content distribution, our Software Attorney worked with some of the most innovative developers and resellers in today’s market. Contact us to see how we can help you monetize your products within the bounds of software law.

Software Compliance Strategy: Much like in other areas of the cyber market, software is also an important area for compliance strategy. Many software and other digital products are developed to enable much of today’s cyber world including the monetization of online and mobile business strategies.

Whether developing software to automate existing web functionalities, interact with third party sites and services, or develop a new digital entertainment product for mass distribution, a software law compliance check-up is paramount. Is your web crawler legally complaint with current software law? Can you be held liable for enabling third party violations? Are you affiliates or business partners developing legally compliant products? What are your obligations and liabilities for having contracted with a non-compliant affiliate? Call out software law experts. We have expertise in the following areas of software development and compliance laws:

  • End User Licensing Agreements (EULA)
  • White Label Agreements
  • Web Crawlers
  • Screen Scrappers
  • Software Testing Agreements
  • Software Compliance Reports
  • Database Licensing Agreements
  • Distribution and Licensing Agreements