Our Internet Sweepstakes Lawyer can help you build and run legally compliant online sweepstakes. Regardless of how you deploy the online promotion, an Internet Sweepstakes Lawyer can help you navigate through the state and federal legal requirements of establishing, registering, bonding, running and fulfilling internet and mobile Sweepstakes. A Sweepstakes is (1) a game of chance with "usually" a (2) free entry. It is not always clear why a specific marketing promotion is deemed legally to be a Sweepstakes, rather than a contest, but the difference is critical. An Internet Sweepstakes Lawyer can help you through the process.

  • Random Draw Sweepstakes
  • Automatic Entry Sweepstakes
  • Qualified Entry Sweepstakes
  • Instant Win Sweepstakes
  • Preselected Sweepstakes
  • Promotional Quiz Sweepstakes
  • second chance drawings
  • Tell-A-Friend Sweepstakes
  • Trivia Games and
  • Online Treasure Hunts.



Our online contest lawyer can help you build and run legally complaint online contests. An Online contest is a (1) skills based competition which (2) may require payment for entry. What makes running an online contest attractive from a legal standpoint is the reduced level of regulatory scrutiny. An online contest lawyer can help you. While the requirements may seem basic, an online contest lawyer can make sure that your official contest rules are designed so as not to trigger the higher scrutiny demanded of online sweepstakes.

  • Essay Contests
  • Photography Contests
  • Art Contests
  • Games Contests
  • Programming Contests
  • Video Contests
  • Talent Contests and
  • Singing or Music Contests.


Our online promotions lawyer can help you in the design of legally compliant marketing strategies, including online sweepstakes and contests. Online and Mobile promotions require a variety of tools, including specialized terms of service, privacy policies, promotion rules and sign up processes to be legally compliant. A Terms of Service or Privacy Policy written for a Blog or an eCommerce site cannot be used for an Online Promotion. Contact us. As Promotional Marketing Lawyers we have the background and experience to provide you with the write customized promotional marketing legal tools

  • Product Sampling
  • Electronic Coupons
  • Smart Rebates
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Premium Offers and
  • Tie-In Sponsorships


Online and Mobile Promotional Marketing, including Contest and Sweepstakes can be very lucrative marketing tools. Many of our clients have discovered the high traffic and conversions associated with promotional marketing, including online sweepstakes and contests. As a sweepstakes lawyer, our attorney has the broad experience counseling:

  • movie and service promotions,
  • reverse auction online and mobile sweepstakes,
  • digital entertainment game points and redemptions, and
  • music, video, performance and other skill-based online and live contests.

Our sweepstakes lawyer can help you:

  • Draft Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, Official Sweepstakes and Contest Rules
  • Provide all compliance internal strategies
  • Complete state filings requirements
  • Provide all necessary forms including Winners’ Release Forms
  • Help clients deal with arising challenges with contestants
  • Put all advertising campaigns into legal compliance