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Speak with a law firm with expertise in developing Virtual Currencies. From social networks to casino-style sweepstakes. From in-game purchases to virtual worlds and peer to peer crypto currencies. Virtual currencies have become a huge driver of profitability and sticky customers in the online industry. If you've followed the news you must notice the growing number lawsuit and disputes involved with virtual currencies.

  • theft of virtual currencies and virtual chips used in online and mobile gaming;
  • lawsuit over the ownership of virtual property bought with virtual currencies;
  • lawsuits over the purchase and sale of virtual currencies outside of the game or market established by the developer; and
  • lawsuits over proper control of sale of virtual currencies to children.

As virtual currencies become ubiquitous in the online marketplace, the challenges and complexities faced by developers of online games, social networks and virtual worlds increase as well. Setting up a virtual currency is not a simple matter. You have to think of all of the permutations and possibilities involved when buying, earnings trading and exchanging virtual currencies. That's where a lawyer experienced in virtual currencies can help.

  • How t control the exchange of virtual currencies within your own marketplace;
  • How to minimize the chance of cheating and theft within your virtual marketplace;
  • How to prevent claims of real world ownership of your virtual currencies;
  • How to assure that your virtual currencies are not the instrument of money laundering, illegal gambling and other crimes.

A virtual currency lawyer can guide you through the process of properly setting up a marketplace. How to minimize the chance of lawsuits? How to structure a system that supports your business plans? How to create a marketplace that maintains a flexibility that you need?


Virtual currencies may have started out as just another feature. A way of keep track of a contestant's scores. A way to buy a handful of gimmicky digital products. Today that's no longer the case. Today, virtual currencies are an asset. Today the industries largest companies from Google to Facebook buy virtual currency companies. Today virtual currency companies partner with real world retailers (like WalMart) and real word payment systems (like American Express Reward Points). To reach that level of success is not easy. It requires a thoughtful construction of a virtual system and its own rules and regulations. Remember: Real world laws will have no real impact on virtual world currencies. It is up to you to set up the basis of laws and regulations that will govern your new virtual currency world.